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Christian Youth Channel - CYC aka Coptic Youth Channel, is a free-to-air English Coptic Orthodox Channel . CYC is the first English Coptic Christian channel and the third Coptic Orthodox channel launched after Aghapy and CTV but dedicated to Christian youth all around the world to spread teachings and love of Jesus Christ .

The Channel is run by non-profit organizations, and production centers around the world. It was launched on November 2009 by a Coptic Monk from St. Anthony Monastery- Red sea, Father Bishoy El-antony, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Morcos; Bishop of the Shobra El-Khema diocese, where its headquarter .


Christian Youth Channel - CYC is a free-to-air channel in USA, Canada and Australia, it's also available on Set-Top Boxes like Roku and ZaapTV and has an online streaming on the official website .

Productions come from centers all over the world that are run by youth volunteers

CYC stemmed from Father Bishoy’s determination to support, encourage and promote religious, educational and charitable activities and works directed to all people through the ever-growing media platform. Through television, radio and print, CYC was concerned with preaching and promoting the spiritual teachings of the Coptic Orthodox Church to the public. This channel was the perfect way to spread and unite people through the faith, as well as making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, worldwide! The production and dissemination of seminars, concerts, Gospel meetings and revivals enabled the audience to know Christ the Lord .



CYC specializes in religious series and programs. The channel broadcasts a vast range of individual shows including God's praise, Coptic Ritual, Coptic liturgies, Bible Study, Bible reading, comedy, cartoon, drama and reality alongside movies and mini-series.

Most Popular Programs include

  1. Monk's Life (For Father Lazarous who become a monk after being an atheist)
  2. Desert Life (Which talk about how Monks live at the desert)
  3. Stories
  4. Around the world
  5. Kiddy talk
  6. Girl talk
  7. 365
  8. Heroes


The channel has manifested itself internationally, and is currently being operated from centers across the globe including USA, Canada, Europe, Egypt and Australia. All centers are run by Coptic Christian volunteers youth for the English speakers especially the youth, world-wide.

All of their production centers are run by non-for-profit organizations which are managed by a board of directors consisting of members from the Coptic Church in addition to Bishops and Priests, who are involved and passionate about media, and who are concerned with spreading the Christian faith to people all over the world.



The Non-Profit organization in USA called Christian Youth Channel Now (CYCNow) , P.O. Box 621075, Oviedo, Fl 32762 USA With production centers in New York, Florida, Minnesota and California .
Phone : +1 703 220 0066


    1. Queens, NY
    2. Orlando, FL
    3. Clear Water, FL


    1. P.O. Box 621075, Oviedo, Fl 32762 USA



The Non-Profit organization in Canada called Coptic Youth Channel of Canada Society (COYC) , 825 Denison st., unit 26 Markham, Ontario. L3R 5E4 With production centers in Ottawa, Montreal, and a studio in Toronto .
Phone : +1 647 705 7500


    1. 825 Denison st., unit 26 Markham, Ontario. L3R 5E4
    2. PierreFounds Montreal, QC




The Non-Profit organization in Australia called CYCNOW, 55-59 Norman St., suit 4 Peakhurst, NSW 2210 With production centers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide .
Phone : +61 452 563 429


    1. 55-59 Norman St., suit 4 Peakhurst, NSW 2210
    2. Melbourne



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